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Premium Dissertation Viva Counseling Service

+ Expert Dissertation Counseling Services

Our coaching makes vivas managable whether you are facing an undergraduate or Ph.D. dissertation viva. Dissertation viva are catered for on this platform by very respected counselors coming from different renowned universities and research institutes. Our Dissertation viva counselingfollows a structured process, meticulously executed in stages:

  • Setting Up
  • Assessment Criteria
  • Mock Viva Practice
  • Dissertation Review
  • Chapter Critique
  • Proofreading
The Arrangement

During the viva, you can expect a panel of two examiners: the external evaluator was nominated from another university to act as the chairperson while an internal representative from your institution served as rapporteur. Viva Setup Details:

  • You both have the preliminary assessment report on your dissertation as well as your overall performance by the internal / external examiners.
  • Evaluation of an external examiner is of high importance.
  • The chair’s duty is that he/she should provide for viva voce.
  • Viva sessions normally take a maximum of 1 to 2 hours depending on how complex your dissertation is.
  • They also prepare a report with inquiries about the dissertation for the student as an examiner.

+ Evaluation Criteria

In the same way, our experts propose a customized review framework during our dissertation viva counseling sessions. Our assessment criteria revolve around:

  • Originality and Contribution: Importance of knowledge contribution
  • Study Relevance: Alignment with the research field
  • Literature Review: Quality of the review
  • Research Elements: Question, aim, hypotheses authenticity
  • Analysis Quality: Relevance and caliber of analysis
  • Conclusion and Recommendations: Relevance and quality
  • Presentation: Coherence, clarity, and structure
  • Dissemination: Research reach and relevance
  • Ethics and Conduct: Legal and professional standards
  • Appendices: Depth and suitability. This is when the counselor reviews your work in order to help make it more relevant; it also involves preparing you for your coming viva voce examination. Through this process, you are able to get an idea of the possible areas of testing.

+ Simulated Viva Practice

Finally, there is a dissertation viva, which is the greatest trial towards obtaining the qualification. It may be a source of stress and anxiety when undergoing such a process. Prior to actual vivas, it is advisable that students go through a mock viva session to prepare themselves. Our viva sessions involve a group of experts. It exposes students to a simulated viva in order to help them go through the real one with more ease.

Our rates for mock vivas are affordable, encompassing MBA dissertation viva coaching and other qualifications with vivas’s needs. For instance: The first face-to-face assessment is charged at £200 per 60 minutes for a 30,000-word thesis and a 45-minute feedback. Further, £150 can cater an extra field expert who will make the whole study work more realistic, offering another source of real information.

In a bid to improve the efficiency of our services, we have developed efficient procedures for ensuring a hassle-free user experience. Moreover, our client-writer communication procedure is very effective which makes unnecessary long conversations and instruction calls redundant.

+ Dissertation Evaluation & Chapter Critique

The complexity is variable across different competence levels and it is essential to take that in account when writing chapter critiques. In addition, our MSC dissertation viva mentors come with an examination by the director of the dissertation counselling department. For instance, it is useful for students to have their own dissertation examined by another person who really give comments to them so that they can prepare themselves for the final oral VIVA. The head of department conduct provides the detailed feed back on each chapter’ assessment helping students refine their paperwork for the final vivas.

+ Effortless Transcription Ordering in 3 Steps

  • Place Your Order: Kindly talk to a representative using our online help or ‘Order Now’ button at the top of our site. Attach an order form, listing your transcript needs and formatting. Upload untranscribed copies of raw data.
  • Data Transcription: You will then forward your data to an SME who will perform transcriptions on it. Our QA team has to check the transcribed content, edit, and carry out the final proofreading.
  • Order Delivery: The accurately edited transcripted file is forwarded and sent to your email to create a 99.9% guarantee of correctness. Upon completion, your streamlined transcription process converts into a professional end product.

+ Enhancing Quality Through Proofreading

Do you go through your writing once a week or more to check for mistakes in punctuation, composition, spelling or grammar? It would be better to seek an independent opinion by a professional proofreader rather than risking your dissertation. Research supervision and consultation is required for you to achieve success in your viva examinations.

For each minute our expert consultants provide proofreading, the client can be assured of an improvement in their work’s quality at appropriate costs.

+ Comprehensive Dissertation Viva Counselling

From assessing your table of contents to crafting the final feedback from our doctorate-qualified counsellors, your viva examination is in capable hands. Regardless of your degree level, dissertation vivas require careful handling. The culminating stage of our counselling is the Tip-Session.

In the Tip-Session: After thorough evaluation and essential improvement stages, we provide secrets for confidently defending your dissertation during the viva examination. This includes confidence-boosting exercises, evaluating presentation skills, and expert advice on drafting an impressive PowerPoint presentation. We guide you on what to bring, appropriate attire, starting your pitch, handling examiners' questions, and delivering a strong conclusion. We ensure no detail is overlooked. Your viva preparation is our responsibility. Your belief and determination will pave the way for excellence.

+ Premium Dissertation Viva Counselling at Affordable Rates

To ensure our graduates are fully prepared for their vivas, we have assembled a team of seasoned PhD dissertation examiners. Our teachers understand students’ problems and give them necessary preliminary preparation for study at reasonable prices. Get premium advice from some of the best examiners in the market at affordable rates. A winning formula or a sure recipe for rocking an interview during the dissertation viva.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ultimate challenge in completing a dissertation is the viva voce examination. Your degree hinges on successfully navigating your dissertation viva. Yet, ensuring you're well-prepared for this critical oral examination requires adherence to three essential guidelines:A comprehensive review of your dissertation,Seeking guidance from a dissertation viva advisor,Cultivating self-assurance.To excel in your dissertation viva, simply embrace these three strategies, and position yourself for a victorious performance.

The queries revolve around the credibility of your dissertation and encompass various aspects. These encompass summarizing your dissertation, elucidating the rationale behind your chosen study domain or topic, detailing how your title was formulated, affirming the authenticity of your research questions, explaining the rationale for selecting specific research methods, elaborating on the study's outcomes, discussing its limitations, summarizing conclusions, delving into data analysis, and presenting the results of your dissertation that contribute to the broader field of study.

The length varies, typically ranging from 1 to 4 hours. The duration of the viva can be adjusted by the examiners as per their discretion. In the case of PhD dissertation vivas, it's common for them to extend to 4 hours or even more.

Certainly, if one is not adequately prepared. Failing a dissertation viva is a potential outcome for anyone who hasn't sufficiently readied themselves. It's undoubtedly a challenging endeavor. To face the viva, either thorough memorization of your dissertation is necessary or acquiring swift assistance from a dissertation viva advisor from our services. The viva is a significant undertaking that demands serious attention. Rather than risking failure, aim to excel with the guidance of experts.

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that the work we offer is not the final version; rather, it serves as research-based material that you will need to incorporate and edit in accordance with your university's specific requirements.