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You probably think you don't need a plagiarism checker

After all, you never copy and paste someone else's work, you're skilled at rephrasing, and you diligently keep track of your sources.

But what about unintentional plagiarism? It happens more often than you realize! Maybe you paraphrased a bit too closely or forgot to include that last citation or set of quotation marks.

Even if it's accidental, plagiarism is a serious offense. It could lead to failing your course or being put on academic probation. The risks simply aren't worth it.


Dissertation Writing Help uses advanced plagiarism-checking software to make sure your work is original. We're approved by Turnitin, a top-notch plagiarism prevention tool. Our software can catch anything from using the same words to changing words with similar meanings.


You get special access to important information sources. We check what you submit against a huge database that includes 99 billion webpages, 8 million publications, and content in over 20 languages from around the world.


Check for similarities with things that haven't been published yet. You can upload your past assignments, the sources you used, or even a classmate's paper to find (self-)plagiarism that might be hard to spot otherwise.

Manual Inspection Versus Plagiarism Detection

Certainly, you can go through each sentence yourself, but it takes a lot of time and you might accidentally use someone else's idea. The Dissertation writing help plagiarism checker helps students find and fix these issues before handing in their papers. So, how does it work? It looks at the entire text and compares it with things on the internet like websites and other online content. The longer the text, the more time it takes to check.

A plagiarism checker with a percentage feature is available, and it uses various methods to check for plagiarism. Many universities use such tools because they have strict rules. To get a good grade, it's important to use a reliable and free plagiarism checker designed for students. Dissertation writing help has a popular anti-plagiarism software that is known for being very easy to use. It not only confirms that your assignment is unique, but it also highlights areas that need improvement and suggests changes. The detailed percentage report is useful for making your paper better.

Plagiarism Checker FAQ

No, the Self-Plagiarism Checker won't store your document in any public database. Moreover, you can remove all your personal details and documents from the server once you've gotten your plagiarism report.

DissertationWritingHelp Plagiarism Checker uses Turnitin.

Lots of tests show that it's one of the most accurate ones in 2022. It can find all sorts of similarities, from using the same words to changing them with similar ones. Plus, it can check many types of sources, like journals, theses, websites, PDFs, and news articles, whether they're freely available or restricted.

If your university uses Turnitin, the results will likely be very close to what you see on DissertationWritingHelp.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the work we offer is not the final version; rather, it serves as research-based material that you will need to incorporate and edit in accordance with your university's specific requirements.