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Qualitative Data Critical Review Writing

Careful supervision of notions and the document analysis by PhD teachers is carried out.

Rigorous Data Scrutiny

Data examination and assessment characterized by detailed analysis and high level analysis software having future calculations that are more exact and the function is to record noticeable results.

Demographic Examination

Detailed segments frequency/percentage for objectives, comprehensive demographics analysis table.

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qualitative data dissertation

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+ What determines our approach towards doing qualitative research in a dissertation?

Specifically, we focus on the particular area and topic of your research. Inherent attributes of your dissertation direct you to the appropriate qualitative research methods. The core methodology we embrace for qualitative data analysis in dissertations includes:

Formulated Research Queries

Research questions are developed based on the nature of the dissertation. They are usually based on the primary and secondary research techniques. We select relevant questions to match the intended group of seniors, based on our highly proficient senior dissertation experts.

Conduct of Interview Sessions

This makes it possible for data collection through the specific target populations and consequently establishes a sample size. The appointed respondents undergo verbal interviewing. We carefully store all of the recorded interviews in our system for subsequent processing.

Data Refinement

After collecting segments of interviews data, our quality control department conducts a detailed review. The data is carefully refined so that relevant facts of the interviews can be extracted.

Transcription Process

At this point, the accumulated data is transcribed in order to convert it into written transcripts. The processed data obtained through the interviewed respondents are used in this conversion process.

Initial and Conclusive Encoding

This first step of encoding involves transcribing the data. Extracting initial codes from transcripts and marking important words uttered during the interview. Our data analysts then review and refine these initial codes. At this end, various initial and draft codes are formulated which eventually lead to final codes.

+ Thematic Examination

The researcher analyzes each record of the data set which mainly consists of interview transcripts and identifies common themes.

The following sequential process is meticulously adhered to:

  • Familiarization
  • Theme Generation
  • Evaluation of Generated Themes
  • Definition and Naming of Final Themes
  • Compilation

The thematic analysis arises from this method and refers to the emergence of patterns that form particular themes. The themes are therefore strengthened for data extraction and outcome formation. This approach is flexible especially when handling interview transcripts.

+ Finalized Data Compilation

The data extraction is made in light of the themes and patterns that arise out of coherent ideas which emanate from the respondent’s central viewpoints. This entails carefully sifted and analyzed data.

Evaluation of Qualitative Data

After collection of all data needed in dissertation on qualitative data, the leader of Qualitative data dissertation reviews it. This review, in particular, will be aimed at clarifying which improvements are required if any. The qualitative data obtained is cleaned up and edited accordingly in order to remove the unnecessary components.


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